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Columbus 72

246 Columbus Avenue, New York City

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Come with your friends to the Upper West Side, where this hot club will cater to you, providing the music you want to hear, along with a unique and classy décor, and more than enough room to enjoy it all. Enjoy one or both of Columbus 72’s dance floors, super-chic and boosted with giant LCD monitors and the best sound systems in the City. Featuring a checkerboard floor, VIP booths and comfortable, exceptional accents such as plush furniture surrounding you and your friends, this will definitely be the best night of your lives.

The party at Columbus 72 never stops, alive with music, dancing and an eclectic mix of music, ideal for any style or taste. Described as “an awesome time” and having “the coolest vibe in New York City”, the high energy is contagious here, no matter how long you’ve been partying or what time you arrive.

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