Dont See Your City? Contact Us :: Frequently Asked Questions

1) What exactly are Teen Nights?
Teen Nights (NO ID Events) are events held that strictly cater to the underage demographic. The usual age’s group of teen events are 14-18 years of age. Teen Nights are produced in order to allow teens to experience clubbing and nightlife before they turn 18 or 21 and are able to attend various other events. Teen events are everything you would get at an ordinary nightclub party, minus the liquor. Live DJ, great club atmosphere, security, and great music are all present at our events. We do recommend bringing a form of identification such as a High School ID to ensure that teens can prove their age.

2) Security at our events
All of our events are staffed with licensed security personnel to ensure an absolutely safe and fun environment for all of our teenage party goers. Guests are searched before they enter into an event. Pens, pencils, cigarettes, lighters, bottles and any suspicious objects will not be allowed inside the party premises. Safety is our top priority when producing No ID events.

3) What about alcohol at teen night events?
Alcohol is prohibited in all of our events. Water bottles or any kinds of liquid containers are confiscated before any party-goer enters one of our events. Liquor is not available at the bar. However, we do serve water, soda, juice, red bull and other types of suitable beverages for teens.

4) What is the dress code for teen night events?
Unlike most nightclubs in the city, our events have no strict dress code. Hats, sneakers, and jeans are all permitted. We try to make teens feel as comfortable as possible when going out to party with friends while experiencing some of the great nightclubs New York has to offer.

5) How often do teen nights happen?
All nightclubs and venues don't have teen nights as their number one priority. Nightclubs are in the business of selling liquor to patrons in order to produce larger revenues. Therefore, teen night events are rare. We are able to organize teen night events once every couple of months. Usually, holiday weekends are good times for teen nights due to schools being closed. For example, Memorial Day weekend, Spring Break, End of School, Labor Day weekend, or Columbus Day weekend are all possible teen night party opportunities. It is unlikely to have a teen night event on a Friday or Saturday simply because most venues have weekly 21 and over parties.

6) What type of music is played?
We pride ourselves in keeping up-to-date with all of the music trends. Hip-Hop, House, Top 40 - everything is played at our parties. We like to incorporate all types of music and everything you might hear on commercial radio stations in order to make sure everyone can enjoy the music and dance to it. All of our events have live NYC DJs playing the best music in town.

7) How can I get tickets?
Teen night events do not happen on a regular basis. Therefore, when one does come up, it tends to be in high demand. Many of our events do sell out, days before the event. The best way to guarantee entrance is to purchase an advanced ticket on our website. Once a ticket order has been placed, you'll receive an email confirmation and then you can simply print your ticket out at home. We don't mail you the tickets, you simply print them out and that's what you bring to the event. Super easy! Tickets are only available at the door if we do not sell out in advance. We never over-sell any event. Therefore, once we are full at capacity, ticket sales will close for the event.

8) How can I be notified about upcoming teen night events?
We have a newsletter email alert that we send out whenever upcoming events are listed. You can sign up to our VIP newsletter here in order get the most up-to-date information on future teen night events. We organize events all over the tri-state area including Manhattan NYC, Westchester, Long Island, New Jersey, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.